Can a Spider Be Fluffy?

A picture book about spiders
Have you ever seen a fluffy spider?
What about a smooth spider? Or a skinny one?

Discover what different spiders look like with this simple easy-to-read story!

Can a Spider Be Fluffy? is the second book in Audrey Sauble's Early Science series. The first book is Can a Tree Be Blue?

This nonfiction picture book introduces children (and adults) to a variety of different spiders, encouraging readers to stop and study these unique arachnids.

In this book, you will meet all sorts of spiders, both common and rare--from spiders you may have found hiding in a corner to spiders you've never even heard about!

This book will:
  • teach young readers fun descriptive words like smooth, shiny, hairy, prickly, and spiky,
  • make spiders less scary for children who might be afraid of them, and
  • encourage children to explore nature and science with three bonus activities!
The ebook is now available for pre-order! (affiliate link)
Print versions will be available soon.

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