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Larch Books is a small indie publisher based in the Pacific Northwest. We enjoy exploring the nature and science through stories, and we hope you will join us in our adventures! Our Books: Can a Spider Be Fluffy?  Can a Tree Be Blue? The Rocket that Flew to Mars Who Laid the Egg? (also available in French and Spanish) Bug, Bug, Spider  (a coloring book) For more information about these books, please check our other posts or visit  Audrey Sauble's website . Also, find  free activity pages  and updates about Audrey's books! Thanks for stopping by!

Who Laid the Egg?

Did a dinosaur lay the egg? Did a chicken lay the egg? Can you guess who laid the egg?

Discover some of the wonderful egg-laying animals in our world with this simple, easy-to-read story! In this early science story, young readers can guess which animal laid each eggand learn what their nests and eggs look like.

Enjoy the warm, realistic pictures as you 'read along' together and meet an ostrich, a chicken, a frog, a turtle, as well as other, more unexpected creatures!

(For children ages 0-4)


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